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Creating and editing with Boardmaker Online

oktober 01, 2018

This tutorial will highlight the different access points for launching the Online Editor in Boardmaker Online.  The Online Editor allows you to create new boards and activities or edit existing ones. 

To create a new board:
  • Select Create Activities from the Homepage or from your My Boardmaker page.
My Boardmaker. Create Activities
  • Choose whether your would like to Create a New Blank Activity or use an Activity Starter Template.

Create Activity From..
  • The Online Editor will open in a second window.
To edit an existing activity that you found on the Boardmaker Online Community:
  • Find an activity and then select the thumbnail picture of the activity to access the details page.

  • Select the Add to My Activities button.  Once you add the activity to your list, several additional options will become available (e.g., play, assign, etc.).

Add to my activities

  • Select the Edit Activity button.

Edit Activity button
  • The activity will be opened in the Online Editor window.

To edit a board or activity in your My Activities list:
  • Select the My Boardmaker menu button.

Boardmaker Online navigation bar. My boardmaker marked.
  • Locate the activity that you would like to edit.
  • Select the Edit Activity button next to the desired activity.

Edit activity button
  • The activity will be opened in the Online Editor window.
To learn more about the Online Editor, please see the following tutorials:
  • Creating Activities from Scratch
  • Creating Activities Using Templates