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Creating and printing overlays in Boardmaker Online

oktober 01, 2018

There are nearly 300 templates in Boardmaker Online for creating overlays for digitized (recorded speech) communication devices. These overlays need to be printed at actual size so that each one precisely fits the device it is intended for. Boardmaker Online relies on the printing capabilities of the browser you are using. This tutorial provides the steps to create and print your device overlays.

NOTE: Google Chrome does not allow any document to be printed at actual size. For printing please log in to your Boardmaker Online account on an alternate browser.

Log in to your Boardmaker Online Account.

  • Select Create Activities from your Home Page.

  • Enter the name of your AAC device in the Search box or Select Device Overlays from the Activity Type column on the left scroll through the alphabetical listing.
  • Find device overlay that exactly matches your device, and click Select below the thumbnail.
  • The template will open in edit mode, ready for you to add content.

Populate the buttons by using edit in place (select a button, type the label, Enter, select a symbol, Select)
(For detailed information on editing, please see the
  • Note the message with mode and paper size at the top of the template. This will vary depending on the template you are using.
  • Select File>Save As, and name and save your overlay.
  • Close the Online Editor.

Select My Boardmaker to view the completed overlay in My Activities.

  • Select the Print icon in the toolbar beside the activity.

  • In the print dialog box, select Actual for Print Size.
  • Select Continue.

You will then set the Paper Size and Orientation ( according to the mode size note at the top of your template). The specific steps will vary slightly depending on your printer and operating system. Below are 3 examples.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox to print:
  • Find and select your printer.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Select Print

  • Select Paper/Quality tab
  • Use the dropdown menu to select paper size (refer to mode and paper size message on your template).

  • Select Finishing tab.
  • Select the Orientation(refer to mode and paper size message on your template).
  • Select OK.

If you are using Safari to Print:
  • Select Actual Size.

  • Select your printer
  • Select paper size from the dropdown menu
  • Select orientation
  • Select OK

If you are saving as a PDF:
  • Select Adobe PDF from Printer name dropdown menu.
  • Select Properties.

  • Select the Layout tab and set the paper orientation to suit your template.

  • Select Adobe PDF Settings tab.
  • Select Adobe PDF Page size
  • Select OK
  • Select PDF icon from your tray toolbar
  • Name the file and select destination on your computer
  • Select Save.