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Editing symbols

oktober 01, 2018

You can customize symbols in the symbol editor and, if desired, save them for repeated use.

  1. Open an activity in the Online Editor.
  2. Select a symbol or an object containing a symbol.
  3. Select Edit Symbol. The Symbol Editor will open.
  4. Use the tools in the toolbar to make changes to the symbol.
  5. Save your symbol by selecting either Save to Activity or Save to My Media.

Symbol Editor Tools

Marquee tool - Use to make rectangular selections that you can then cut, copy, and paste

Lasso tool - Use to make selections in a freeform shape that you can then cut, copy, and paste

Pencil tool - Draw freehand lines.

Choose the line color using the color palette menu or select the dropper tool to select a color somewhere on the symbol that you would like to match.
Select a brush size and shape to draw with. The default pencil brush is 10 pixel round.

Erase tool - Erase freehand. Click and drag on the symbol to erase. Erased areas are made transparent.

You may select an eraser brush size and shape. The default eraser brush is 10 pixel round.

Fill tool - Replace the color of a given single color area with a different color. Choose a color from the palette menu or use the dropper tool to choose a color somewhere on the symbol.


The contiguous option, when enabled, will only replace the color in the area you select.

When disabled, it will replace the color on the area you select as well as anywhere else that color appears on the symbol.

Invert tool - Inverts all colors in the symbol. This is a toggle tool, so just select the tool to turn invert on or off.

Rotate tool - Rotate or flip the image. Rotate left or right in 45 degree increments. Flip (mirror) the image horizontally or vertically.

Cut - Cut (remove) the currently selected area to the clipboard. Use Paste to place it elsewhere.

Copy - Copy the currently selected area to the clipboard. Use Paste to place it elsewhere.

Paste - Place the object that has been cut or copied to the clipboard.

Undo - Reverse your most recent action.

Redo - Redo an action you reversed with the Undo button.

Saving Your Edited Symbol

Save to Activity - The symbol will be saved only in the single location that it is currently selected in the current activity. If you do not intend to use this edited symbol again, choose this option.

Save to My Media - The edited symbol will be saved to your My Media folder on If you will be using this edited symbol again in other activities, choose this save option.

Name (required): This is the file name that the symbol will be saved to. When you search in My Media for the symbol you search for the file name.
Label (optional): This is the label associated with the symbol. If you want the symbol to come up in symbolate or on the Symbols tab, be sure to include a label.
Symbolate: If Symbolate is disabled, you will only be able to find your symbol in My Media. The symbol will not come up for symbolate nor will it appear on the Symbols tab.
If Symbolate is enabled, the symbol will come up for symbolate for the label it is associated with and will appear on the Symbols tab when you search for its label. It will also appear in My Media.

Quit Without Saving

If you would like to quit the symbol editor without saving your changes, select Back to Editor.