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How do I play activities in Boardmaker Online?

december 19, 2018

There are several ways to play an activity. The one you choose will depend on the situation.

Playing Activities from My Activities

  1. Select My Boardmaker from the menu bar. Select the My Activities tab.
  2. Select the Play tool in the blue toolbar beside the activity.  The activity will launch in a new window and you and your students may interact with it on a computer or smart board. 
    • Note:  This is an option when playing activities instructionally on your computer or smart board. Data is not captured when playing from My Activities.

Playing Activities from My Classroom View

  1. Hover over the Students tab and select My Classroom View.
  2. Select the instructor picture/shadow to access the instructor’s playlist. Data is not collected when playing activities from the instructor’s playlist. 
  3. Select the student name or icon to access a student’s assignments.  This logs the student in, his or her assignments are available for playing, and data will be captured. 
    • Note: Playing activities from My Classroom View is a good option if students are completing their assignments in a computer lab or a shared computer.   Student performance data will be captured.
  4. To return to the Classroom View landing page after viewing/playing activities, select the Class icon.  The instructor password will be required for students to transition from their assignments. 

Playing Activities from Student Center on a computer

  1. Hover over the Student tab and select Student Center.
  2. Select Student/Child. Type the student’s user name and password to log in directly to the student’s assignment list.  The student’s assignments may be viewed and played (data is collected).
  3. Select Instructors and Log in Here to access the instructor login. Use your usual instructor login credentials. This opens the My Classroom View and you may access your playlist and/or any student’s assignment list (as in My Classroom View information above.).  
  • Note:  Activities in your playlist will not collect data.  Activities accessed and played in the student’s assignment list will collect data.

Playing Activities from Student Center on an iPad

Your Boardmaker Online subscription includes access to the Boardmaker Student Center App.  This app will allow you and the students associated with your account to access Boardmaker activities on the iPad.  The app is available for download on the Apple iTunes Store at no cost. Search for the app and download it on any iPads that will be used to play Boardmaker activities.

Initial Setup of the Student Center App on the iPad

  1. Log in to Boardmaker Online on your computer to find your Account ID on the Homepage. You will need the ID for a one-time setup of the Boardmaker Student Center App on iPad.  Within your district, all instructors have the same Account ID.
    • Check out Free Stuff to see activities, games, and curricula included with the app.  Download the Boardmaker Student Center App from the Apple App store on your iPad.
  2. On the iPad, select the Student Center App icon.
  3. Select Next to set up the app.  
  4. Enter your Boardmaker Online Account ID, Click OK, and Select Next.   
    • Note:  Once you follow this set up procedure, every subsequent time you open the app, you will see the Who are You screen. You will not need to enter the account ID following the initial set up.

Playing Activities on the Student Center App on the iPad

Activities must be assigned to a student and/or put in your playlist to be accessible on the Student Center App on the iPad.
  1. Open the Boardmaker Student Center App by selecting the icon on your iPad.
  2. Select Student/Child or Instructor/Parent. Choose the option that best describes the person who will be using the iPad. You may log out of the App and make a different selection when you open the App again. 
  3. If logging in as an Instructor, enter your email address and password. This will open Classroom View. You may select your icon to access your playlist, or a student icon to access their assignment list.  Select Sign In.
  4. If logging in as a Student, enter the student’s Username and Password (found in their student profile). Select Sign In. This will open the student’s assignment list and activities may be selected and played.  Data will be collected.  

Navigating the Student Center App on the iPad

  1. Select any thumbnail view to launch and play the activity.
  2. Select Stop on the activity to return to the playlist.
  3. Select the Classroom icon to return to the Classroom View.
  4. Select the Data Management Icon to check storage and clear the cache.
  5. Select Refresh to update your playlist or student assignment list. This is only necessary after adding or removing activities from the playlist/assignment list within your Boardmaker Online account on a computer.
  6. Select the Cog to change user settings, repair activities, or log out of the Student Center app.

User Settings on the Student Center App on the iPad

From within the Student Center App, you can make changes to the access method, voice settings, interface settings, and data management. 

Select the Options menu (cog) and then User Settings from the dropdown menu. This will open the Tools menu.
  • Access Method- allows you to set access and any applicable settings for that access. Select the radio button next to the preferred access method. Select settings to choose specific settings for each access method.
  • Text to Speech- allows you to set voice, volume, and rate.
  • Interface- allows you to make changes to default interface settings including the ability to hide the toolbar or set passwords for toolbar access, and to set message window preferences.
  • Data Management- allows you to view your storage space and clear cached data.
To access the pdf version of this article which includes screenshots, click here.