How to redeem PODD or Gateway for a Speech Case Tablet (CLOSED) - Tobii Dynavox SE
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How to redeem PODD or Gateway for a Speech Case Tablet (CLOSED)

februari 03, 2021

To Redeem a PODD or Gateway coupon you will need:

The coupon/voucher.  Screenshots below.

A myTD login.  This includes yourmyTobiiDynavox.comaccount login credentials and an active internet connection on a computer (Not the SC Tablet).  If you do not yet have amyTobiiDynavox.comaccount, you will be required to create an account to complete this process.  myTobiiDynavox.comis a free cloud service to sync, share, create security accounts, and more for your device data.

Here are the steps to redeem the code.

  1. Login to yourmyTobiiDynavox.comaccount.
  2. Navigate to:
        3.  Scroll down to the Get Snap PODD/Gateway
    4. Select the checkout button, on step 1, Buy or Redeem.
         5. Enter the coupon code
         6. Select Apply. The cost will be removed
         7. Select the Place your order button. You will receive a receipt to the email that was used.

To access PODD on the speech case with Snap.
The first time you launch snap, PODD or Gateway will not be available. You have to log into the account that redeemed the coupon first. After logging in, then you can create a new user and find PODD or Gateway.