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PDF Printing Troubleshooting

november 14, 2019

Here are the most common problems people run into with PDF Printing on Boardmaker Online and information on how to solve these issues. 

1. Clicking Print and nothing happens. 
     - This is typically related to Pop Up Blockers running in the browser. When you select print look for a notification (usually in the browsers address bar)             saying a popup has been block. Click that notification and tell it to allow. Then select print again and your PDF should open. 

2. It says printing is processing but it never finishes. 
     - If your PDF does not give you a notification after a couple of minutes select the print icon again. If your PDF is ready then it will open up. 

3. Images missing on the PDF
     - If you encounter missing images on your completed PDF go back into the editor and try replacing the missing images with the same one then save and         print again. If that does not work you can also try copying the entire page to a new page in the activity then save and print. If it is still not working after           that contact support for further assistance. 

4. Text of Symbols cut off in a Symbolate button. 
     If your Symbolate button is being cut off on the PDF try making the symbolate button larger by dragging the edge to the right or down depending on               where it's getting cut off.