How do I connect my I-13/16 or TD I-13/16 to my Xbox?

december 09, 2022

You can use your I-Series or TD I-Series device to interact with your Xbox Series X|S.  To interact with the Xbox you can use Gamepad mode in TD Control.  You will first need to set up three additional hardware devices.

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Pretorian Game On 1
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller
These additional hardware devices are not sold or supported by Tobii Dynavox.  Once they are set up, you can add Gamepad mode to the Mode button in TD Control.  To set up Gamepad mode as an option under your mode button please follow these steps.
  1. Start TD Control and go into TD Control's Settings
  2. Choose the > button to go to the second page of Settings
  3. Select Customization
  4. In the Modes Menu box, choose Customize
  5. Choose a free space on the menu.
  6. Select Gamepad from the Add Button menu then choose the Add button
  7. Choose the X button to exit out of Settings.  
Now when you choose the Mode button in TD Control, you will find the option for Gamepad mode.  The Gamepad looks similar to an Xbox controller.  Note that there is no Xbox button because that button is proprietary to Microsoft alone.