Do Tobii Dynavox products work with Windows 11?

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Warnings, Recommendations, and Information Concerning the Upcoming Windows 11 Upgrade 

Microsoft officially announced that Windows 11 is on the way. PCs preloaded with Windows 11 are coming soon. Additionally, free upgrades will be available for many Windows 10 PCs beginning in late 2021 and continuing into 2022.  

We would like to take this opportunity to provide some warnings, recommendations, and information on how this upgrade may affect the functionality of your Tobii Dynavox hardware.
Tobii Dynavox currently provides a wide range of products that run on Windows 10. With the upcoming release of Windows 11, we are now in the process of testing our products for Windows 11 compatibility. For best results, we will perform that testing on the public release of Windows 11 once available.
Currently, none of our available or supported hardware meets the minimum requirements for upgrading to Windows 11. We recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 11 on your current hardware. Upgrading to Windows 11 prior to official recommendation from Tobii Dynavox is at your own risk and may lead to loss of personal data or functionality. In these instances, Tobii Dynavox cannot offer any technical support for Windows 11, and any service required is not covered by our warranties.

Over the coming year, we will begin to test Windows 11 with our products and issue official recommendations as soon as we can. Our primary focus is to ensure compatibility for our software products. Once that is completed, we will address Windows 11 compatibility for our hardware products.