Acapela voices can accept SAMPA phonetic Alpabet for Pronounce exceptions in TD Snap

augusti 03, 2023

Acapela voices also accept pronunciation exceptions using the SAMPA phonetic alphabet. In the
Pronunciation field, enter \prn=phonetic codes go here\" but replace “phonetic codes go here” with the
SAMPA codes for your word. You must include the quote (“) at the end.

To see the phonetic codes and other details about using SAMPA for pronunciation exceptions, select the
language of your Acapela voice: Arabic , Czech , Danish , German , Australian English , Scottish English ,
British English , American English , Catalan , Latin American Spanish , North American Spanish , Finnish ,
Canadian French , French , Italian , Japanese , Norwegian , Belgian Dutch , Dutch , Brazilian Portuguese,
Portuguese , Swedish , Finland Swedish, North Sami , Turkish, Simplified Chinese.