Access jump start kit

oktober 01, 2018

This Jump Start pertains to Physical and Curriculum (Accommodation and modification) Access. The options described in Teaching Tips can be found within the User Settings and Activity Settings options in the File Menu of each template (more instructions on how to access these options can be found in the How-to Video named under the Next Steps section of this guide.)

Please use the following pathways for all Interactive and Performance Templates:

Access for students with alternative access:
  • User settings> Access Settings>Choose “ Access Methods”
Access for students who need voice accommodations:
  • User Settings> Text to Speech >Voice>change rate of voice
  • User Settings >Text to Speech>Audio Cue Settings> Speak Audio Cue
Consider implementing with your classroom whiteboard, any MAC or PC, or on an iPad.
Boardmaker Online Activity Starter Template
Type>Format>Name of Template
Teaching Tips
Performance > Question and Answer > Multiple Choice – 2 answers
Use an on-screen comprehension checking activity that you can switch between quiz and practice modes with students of all abilities!

Activity accommodations:
  • Activity Settings> Adjust the following options for student’s needs: 
    • Auto read
    • Errorless correction
    • Reinforcement options
Performance > Writing> Choice Writing> 5 Starter and Finishers
Teach the basics of writing sentences to students of all physical abilities and collect work samples for their portfolios!
Interactive>Art and Creativity>Stamping
Use this visual scene activity for a barrier activity, prepositions activity, label activity, storytelling with students of all abilities!

Bonus access for students with alternative access:
  • User settings> Access Settings>Choose “ Access Methods” > Scanning> Freeform Target> adjust
Performance> Writing> Topic Writing Framework
Use with higher level writers with physical accommodations to assess, teach, and enable them to express their ideas with this multi-layered activity!

Check out our Jumpstart Group on the Boardmaker Online Community with activities using the highlighted templates above. Here is the direct link!

Check out these interactive activities that have been shared by users like you on the Boardmaker Online Community! They are ready to use as-is, or editable to suit your students. Use the same pathways as recommended for the templates above.
Title Link
Daily Note Home
Space quiz onscreen

Next Steps: Learn more about Boardmaker Online by exploring these resources on our Help and Training Center.

NOTE:Some of our live and recorded web trainings offer ASHA CEUs! 
Resource Description Link
Access Settings with Boardmaker Online 1-Hour Recorded Webinar
Rulers, Access methods, Text to Speech, and More How to Video
Groups: Find, Join, and Create Tutorial
Our Boardmaker Instructional Solutions use the same Accessible Pathways as you learned in this Guide. Try them today by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting “View Samples” at these links!