Can I wake my computer/tablet from stand-bye as an eyetracking user?

juli 29, 2016

Depending on your settings in the Windows power options, your computer might go into stand-bye or turn off the screen to save battery. As an eyetracking user you cannot turn on the device just by using your eyes but will need the help of an assistant. When a tablet is in stand-bye or turned off, the Tobii Eyetracker has no means to control it anymore (exception: the Tobii I-Series has a build in Wake-on-Gaze solution).


As a work around, you can change the Windows Power Options and disable standbye or turning off of the screen:*


For Windows Vista or 7:

  1.  and hit the enter key. Alternatively, right click the battery icon in the systray (to the right of the Windows time)ower optionsp and type in the search box StartGo to
  2. Power OptionsChoose
  3. next to the currently selected Power PlanChange plan settingsClick on
  4. to NeverTurn off the displaySet
  5. to NeverPut the computer to sleepSet
  6. Click on Save Changes


For Windows 8:

  1. Search bar; then click CharmsHover mouse over the bottom right side of your computer screen to bring up the
  2.  in the search box andhit the enter keypower optionsType
  3. a power plan) Select window, under Power Options Properties (in theChange plan settings in the Results panelClick Power Options under the search field, then click SettingsClick
  4. Change advanced power settingsClick
  5. In the Power Options window, double-click Hard disk, expand Turn off hard disk after; type in 0 (zero) or Never into the Setting (minutes) field
  6. Then click OK to save your changes and return to the Change settings for the plan window


higher power consumption and potentially also a shorter screen life.* Please note that changing power options can lead to a