How can I change the Pointer on the TD Pilot?

september 26, 2022

The small, grey eye control pointer can be customized to help you or the user become more accurate with eye control on the TD Pilot.  Try using a larger pointer size versus a smaller pointer size.  The larger pointer size adds a dot to the middle of the circle to help target items more easily.  Changing the color of the pointer may help so that the user can see the pointer better.

Customizing the Pointer

  1. Tap Settings
  2. On the left side, tap Accessibility
  3. On the right, scroll down to the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR section and tap Pointer Control
  4. Here you will see a few settings you may want to customize.  To change the pointer size adjust the slider under POINTER SIZE.  The further to the right, the larger the pointer becomes.
  5. To change the color of the pointer, tap Color
  6. You have a choice between None, White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange.  You can also change the width of the pointer's border.  To get back tap Pointer Control at the top of the screen.
Finally, if you do customize your pointer, you may want it to become opaque when you are reading or watching a video.  To do this...
  1. In Settings, tap Accessibility
  2. On the right, choose Touch
  3. Tap AssistiveTouch
  4. Scroll down and tap Idle Opacity
  5. Use the slider to adjust the opacity of the pointer when not in use.