How can I check the battery status on my Speech Case?

maj 16, 2018

The Speech Case battery status is monitored through your paired iPad. Follow the steps below to show the Batteries widget on your
Today screen.

Add the Battery Status widget
1. On your iPad, swipe right over the Home screen to get to the Today screen.
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.
3. Locate Batteries in the list of widgets and tap + to add it to your Today screen.
4. Select Done.
You can now swipe right over the Home screen at any point to get to the Today screen and view the battery status of the
Speech Case (the Speech Case must be paired).

The Speech Case battery displays 10% status increments. When the battery reaches 10%, the Speech Case should be
connected to a power source, otherwise it will power off soon.

The Power saving settings in the Speech Case are preset to optimize the battery run-time. The Speech Case is designed to remain
powered on.