How do I Calibrate the Smyle Mouse?

juni 11, 2017

Calibration process

Be seated comfortably in the front of the web camera at about an arm’s length distance (18-30 inches). When ready, click the “Calibrate and Start!” button on the “Ready to Start Smyle Mouse?” window.

Look for the face detection indicator (a round symbol) shown to the bottom right of your mouse pointer. This should look like a green or pink smiley, indicating that the user’s face has been detected. 
A gray circle with a slash indicates that a face was not detected. If this occurs, please make sure that the front part of your face, including irises of both the eyes and mouth is visible to the camera. If that does not help, try being closer to the camera. 
A red smiley icon means that a face was detected but with difficulty. If this occurs, please adjust your position such that the above-mentioned area of your face is clearly visible. Note that you may have to change your seating position so that your face is pointed in the direction of the camera while using your computer.

Make sure to smile at least for couple seconds while facing the camera. The smile should be moderately strong but not extreme. It does not matter if the mouth is open or closed during the smile.

After calibration is complete, maintain similar distance from the camera (compared to the distance during the calibration) to the extent possible. Note that coming closer to the camera increases the mouse sensitivity and going farther decreases it.