How do I create a symbolate button in Boardmaker Version 6?

juli 09, 2019


  1. Select the Symbolate Tool in the toolbar.
  1. Click on the background where you would like to start typing. A new symbolate button will extend from the location where you have clicked to the right edge of the board. You will be able to adjust the width of the button later (click and drag the button in edit mode).
Note: A symbolate button's height is automatically determined by its font and symbol size settings.
  1. Begin typing in the new symbolate button. If there is a valid word-symbol match, then the symbol will appear as each word is completed. The text will automatically wrap when it reaches the right edge of the button.
Note: You can move to a new line at any time by using the Enter (or Return) key. There is no limit to the amount of text you can type into a symbolate button. However, you are limited to what you can see by the dimensions of your board.