How do I create Multi-page boards in Boardmaker Version 6?

juni 11, 2019

You have the option to create boards that can span multiple sheets of paper. Creating multi-page boards
allows you to support larger communication devices or make poster-sized communication boards.

  1. Choose File.
  2. Choose Print Setup.
  3. Check the current printer settings for the proper paper size and orientation.
  4. Click the Print Setup button if not correct.
  5. Enter the desired dimensions for the board up to the values listed under Maximum in the Width and Height boxes.
  6. Click OK when finished
Note: When the board is viewed as Fit to Window (default), the page break lines will mark the different sheets of paper. Most printers have a minimum necessary margin and cannot print right up to the edge of the paper. Therefore, when a multi-page board is assembled, you will need to trim the edges of each page before taping them together.