How do I edit my Communicator 5 pagesets with eye control?

mars 23, 2020

This article is for Advanced Users.  If you have difficulty with Windows Control precision editing your own pagesets with eye control is not recommended.
There is no designed way to edit your own pagesets in Communicator as there is in other software, however it can still be done.  A few things you'll need to know is the filename of the pageset you want to edit, access to the Go To Desktop pageset, and accurate use of Windows Control/Computer Control.

  1. In Communicator select the Go To Desktop pageset.
  2. Choose Windows Control to enable Windows Control.  (This will not work with Communicator's Windows Access)
  3. Using Windows Control, right-click on the Windows Control button in Communicator.  Now the Communicator Quick Menu will appear.
  4. Left-click on Edit Page Set in the Quick Menu.  You are now in edit view in Communicator.  You probably don't want to change the Go To Desktop pageset but from here you can access any pageset from the menubar.
  5. Left-click on the File Open or File New buttons on the toolbar.  From here you can either create a new pageset or you can open a pageset stored on your device in edit view.