How Do I Link a Button to a Page in Compass?

juli 27, 2016

To link a button to another page:
1. Select the Modify button kA1G00000008u85KAA_en_US_1_0 in the top right corner of the page and choose Modify.

kA1G00000008u85KAA_en_US_1_1 If the Toolbar is disabled, when you select the Modify button, a dialog will open with two options: Modify or Settings. Select the Modifybutton.

2.  Select the button you wish to have open another page.
4.  Select the blue Edit... button beside Actions.


The Script Editor will open.


5.  Select Pages and Popups from the drop-down list in the left viewport. Then select the Open Page() action.

The Page Browser will open.

6.  Navigate to the page that you want to open, then select the page and choose the Selectbutton in the top-right hand corner.

7.  Select Done.
8.  Select the green check mark in the corner to save your edit kA1G00000008u85KAA_en_US_1_5

Now your button will open the page of your choosing.