How to access your premium pages et WordPower in Compass

mars 16, 2017

How to access your premium page sets for Compass on “My TobiiDynavox”
  1. Visit and login to your account
  2. Once logged in you will automatically be directed to the Home Page
  3. Select the Compass icon. User-added image
  4. Select the Pagesets tab and put a check mark in the Tobii Dynavox Pagesets
User-added image
      5. Confirm that you have the proper page set available on your account as you have purchased, whether it’s WordPower, PODD, or Gateway. 
NOW - On your device you will want to download the page set
  1. Open  Compass Software
  2. Log into myTobiiDynavox within the Compass software itself  by going in to Settings > Backup / Restore > Manage Login
  3. After you have logged in, you have 2 choices under the Backup section.  You can choose Backup to mytobiidynavox or Backup Locally.  This is optional but important to do if you have any custom data in your existing page set you want to backup before switching over to your premium page set.  If you’re unsure, we recommend performing a backup to be safe.
name backup popup in backup restore menu
       4. To load your premium pageset, go to Restore, select Restore from myTobiiDynavox
backup /restore menu
       5. A pop-up warning message will appear about losing any changes you’ve made.  If you are unsure, we recommend you select No and backup your data                first. 
Popup, yes /no to overwrite warning

       6. Select YESto continue
       7. You will now see all the page sets you have available to restore on your device.  Highlight the premium page set (ex: PODD) you want and choose                   Select in the top right corner.
wordpower backup in restore menu
       8.The downloading will take place and depending on the speed of your network it may take some time
Downloading backup popup
       9. When the download is finalized, the pageset will begin unpacking
Unpacking pageset popup progress bar
           10. Once the page set is finished downloading, the Compass software will restart and open up to a page that has the various options available for the                        premium page set you downloaded.  Make the appropriate selection to unpack the exact page set you want.  You’re now set to begin using your                            premium page set!
Wordpower Master Page