IT Guidance for Deploying TD Snap 1.14 and above

januari 22, 2021

The latest generation of TD Snap (v1.14 and higher) has migrated out of the Windows Store, and is now delivered via aWindows 10 App Installer package
At the time of writing, the following deployment requirements and properties for  TD Snap  v1.14 and higher apply:

  • Windows 10 build 1803 or higher minimum OS required to run TD Snap
  • Windows 10 build 1909 or earlier OS must have “sideload apps” permission enabled to install or update TD Snap
    • See Settings -> Updates & Security -> For Developers -> Sideload Apps
  • Installation user identity must have sufficient permission to install per-user application for self
For an interactive installation: For a command-line or unattended installation:
For each intended user account on a machine: