Literacy jump start kit

oktober 01, 2018

Get to know these 5 Boardmaker Online Activity Starter Templates that are ideal for addressing literacy standards and objectives for your students. All in the Boardmaker Online Editor!

Consider implementation on your classroom whiteboard, any MAC or PC, or on an iPad.

Boardmaker Online Activity Starter Template Teaching Tips
Books & Presentations> Book Template> Text on Top
  • Create a book during a group language experience.
  • Create Individual Me Books to support literacy while students learn and share personal information.
  • Create an abridged version of a classroom favorite book.
  • Students review and reread books at home.
Graphic Organizers > Storyboard – 4 Frames
  • Create story board activities to recall / retell events in individual or shared reading.
  • Provide the framework for your student authors to outline their own stories.
Sequencing > horizontal, 8 items
  • Review important events in a story
  • Recall and sequence events of a story
  • Discuss and review sequence in a shared event
  • Sequencing for multi-part processes or classroom routines
Writing > Choice-Writing, 5 Categories
  • Write book reports/reviews with support
  • Write about shared events
  • Supported writing about any topic
  • Group writing activity to review a story
Writing > Word banks - 20 Words
  • Writing with core vocabulary
  • Write letters to parents for Mothers’ Day/ Fathers’ Day
  • Creative writing about any topic

Check out these performance enabled literacy activities that have been shared by on the Boardmaker Online Community! They are ready to use as-is, or editable to suit your students.
Title Link
Sight Words Word Scramble
Word Making – 5 Letters
Describe the Picture- Sentence Writing

Check out our Jumpstart Group on the Boardmaker Online Community! We will add Activities there with every Jumpstart topic, and this month the focus is on literacy. Follow this link to learn how to browse groups, join the Jumpstart Group, and create your own groups:

Here is a preview of the literacy activities you will find in the Jumpstart Group on Community:

Onset-Rime Word Making

Living Things Word Bank


Recordable Book

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