oktober 01, 2018

Boardmaker Online gives you your own mailbox, which you can use to share messages with your friends in the community. Manage your mailbox and compose new messages from your My Messages page.

Open Your My Messages Page

Simply select the New Messages button on your Homepage.

My Homepage

Your My Messages page will open.

Note: You can also open your My Messages page by selecting your account name at the top of the page and then selecting My Messages from the drop-down menu.

Manage Your Inbox

All of the messages in your inbox will be displayed in the Messages area of your My Messages page.

Use the search box at the top of the Messages area to search for messages and the drop-down list to sort your messages. (See the illustration below.)
My Messages. Show inbox. Search Messages. Delete Selected.
  • To open a message, select the Subject link.
  • To delete a message, select the check box next to the message you want to delete (circled in the illustration above), then select the Delete Selected button at the bottom of the messages area.
Note: You can also delete an open message by selecting the Delete button at the bottom right of the message.

Compose a New Message

  1. Select the Compose Message tab on your My Messages page. 
    The Compose Message page will open. 
    My Messages. Compose Message
  2. Begin typing a name in the To: text box. 
    As you type a menu listing your friends in the Boardmaker Online community will appear. 
    Select name
  3. Select the friend to whom you want to send the message. Continue typing in the To: text box to add more friends. 
    Select names 
    Note: To remove a recipient, select the "x" to the right of their name in the To: text box.
  4. Enter a message subject in the Subject textbox.
  5. Enter your message in the Message textbox.
  6. Select Send.

Reply to a Message

  1. Select the Subject link of the email to which you want to respond. The message will open. 
    My Messages, Reply
  2. Select Reply. The Compose Message page will open with the To and Subject text boxes already populated.
  3. Enter your reply in the Message textbox.
  4. Select Send.