Searching for activities

oktober 01, 2018

Boardmaker Online allows you to search for thousands of ready-made activities.

You can search for any type of activity. Search by keyword, then refine your search by activity type, educational standard, category, grade level, version, and format.

Activities available to Boardmaker Online subscription members include:

  • Boardmaker Online Sample Activities  (Premium Content)- A large collection of academically aligned sample activities to get you started.
  • Boardmaker Activity Packs (Premium Content)- A large collection of complete, professionally-designed instructional activity packs already aligned to standards.

Activities available to all members of the Boardmaker community include:
  • Boardmaker Community activities

Choose from over 21,000 free symbol-adapted learning activities that have been created by other community members.

To search for Boardmaker Online Sample Activities or Boardmaker Activity Packs (Boardmaker Online Subscription Members only) :

From your Homepage, select Premium Activities under Get Started...

Premium Activities

The Boardmaker Premium Activities page will open to enable you to access the library of premium activities.

Note: You can also access the Premium Activities page by selecting Activities > Premium Activities from the top of any page.

To search for Boardmaker Community Activities:

From your Homepage, select Find Activities under Get Started.

Find Activities

The Find Activities and Boards page will open.

Note:You can also access the Find Activities and Boards page:
  • By selecting Activities > Community Activities from the top of any page.
  • By using the search box at the top of any page. Simply enter a keyword or keywords in the text box and select the Search button (or Enter)

Find Activities and Boards

On the Search Results page, activity types are indicated by an icon:

Indicates a print activity -Indicates a print activity.
Indicates an interactive activity. -Indicates an interactive activity.
Indicates a performance tracking activity.-Indicates a performance tracking activity. (Performance tracking activities are interactive activities that report the results of the activity use back to the teacher with a Boardmaker Online subscription.)
Indicates an activity set.-Indicates an activity set.

Narrow Your Search Results

You can refine your search results by making selections under Narrow Your Results to the left of the search results.

Narrow Your Search Results

If you are searching for activities associated with a particular standard, first narrow your search by selecting Common Core and/or the state with which your standard is associated.


Note: The options shown in the Narrow Your Results > Standards section are determined by the Standards Management settings for your account. If you have a Community, Personal, or Professional account, you can access the Standards Management page via your Boardmaker Online Settings. If you have a District account, the Standards Management page is only accessible to the Organization Administrator.

Select the Associated Standards link next an activity in which you are interested. A window will open listing the standards associated with that activity.

Associated Standards

Add to My Activities

When you have found an activity that suits your needs, add it to My Activities.
  1. Select the title of an activity in the search results list.
  2. Select the Add to My Activities(+) icon.
Add to My Activities