TD Snap vs. Communicator vs. Compass: What are the major differences and similarities?

maj 03, 2017

TD Snap was designed with a different goal in mind. Compass and Communicator were both designed to address the needs of all needs on the AAC spectrum, whether you are an emergent communicator or a literate adult. When designing software to suit a large variety of needs, this creates a complex software system ‘ TD Snap’ is built specifically for symbol users: for those users who are not yet literate and are using symbols to communicate. Because ‘ TD Snap’ is designed for this specific area, we were able to create something that was a lot easier to use. Many people come in the AAC world using an iPad and as a result have a very specific requirement from their software: it needs to be very simple, easy to use and get started with. ‘ TD Snap is designed to meet those requirements. With ‘ TD Snap we did extensive user testing.  TD Snap was not released until it had won in usability testing against our competitors. It was tested from the beginning and simplicity was a key element of this. We also wanted to ensure that users were able to make key changes across the system easily. It is built to be very forgiving; you are able to make changes very easily and try things out.