TD Snap will not start after updating to 1.29 from an earlier version

mars 24, 2022

If after the updating and the TD Snap App starts, but there is a spinning wheel that never stops
Do this:

  1. Right click (press and hold, then release) on the Windows Start Menu, then select File Explorer.
  2. At top, select View.
  3. Make sure Hidden Files is checked.
  4. At left, select This PC.
  5. Select Windows (C:).
  6. Select Users.
  7. Select the current user folder.
  8. Select AppData.
  9. Select Local.
  10. Select Packages.
  11. Select TobiiDynavox.Snap_626b2w651dr5w.
  12. Select LocalState.
  13. Delete GlobalSettings.ssf.
  14. Close the Window(s).
  15. Open TD Snap.

iPad OS 16 or greater
1. Locate the files icon or search apps to find Files. If you have a closed device, this will not be an option. Please call technical support
2 Open the TD Snap Folder
3. Press for 2 seconds the Globalsettings.ssf file
4. Delete it.
5. Relaunch the TD Snap App.