What are the Best Practices for Windows Updates?

april 25, 2018

Here is some advice on managing Windows 10 feature updates on Tobii Dynavox devices.

Twice yearly, Microsoft releases feature updates to Windows 10. These Windows feature release updates are relatively large
and contain new features and functionality for Windows 10. These updates are analogous to the substantial yearly updates that
Apple and Google release for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

In addition to the larger feature updates, Microsoft regularly releases a number of smaller security patch and bug fix updates (also
referred to as “Quality updates”). These updates are intended to fix bugs and security flaws, ensuring secure and reliable use
of your device. If your device is connected to the internet, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest security fixes.
These updates are analogous to the smaller updates issued for iOS and Android devices on monthly or shorter intervals.

How do I install the latest Windows updates on a device?
Windows will automatically fetch the updates, then install them on the next system restart. The update process is designed to
happen in the background, regardless of your connection speed, meaning you’re free to do other tasks on the device

What Windows updates are required to run pre-installed Tobii Dynavox apps?
None. Your device is set up to run all pre-installed Tobii Dynavox apps with the version of Windows that came with the device.
Updates to your Tobii Dynavox apps are tested to work with the last two major Windows updates, so some future app updates
may require you to install Windows updates for compatibility purposes at least once a year.

Do I have to run Windows updates?
Any device connected to the internet, even sporadically, should run updates to ensure that the device is secure and stable. Additionally,
some future Tobii Dynavox app updates or app purchases may require you to have an up-to-date version of Windows.
If you do not connect your device to the internet, install updates for your apps, or install any new apps, then Windows updates
are not required.

How can I better control when and how updates download and install?
There are a number of settings that can help with controlling Windows update behavior. These are found under Windows Settings/Update & Security.

  • Change Active Hours — This setting will allow you to specify the hours when you are most likely to be using the device.  You can define a period of up to 18 hours per day as Active. During this period, Windows will not initiate any updates.This means that updates will automatically be carried out when you’re least likely to be using the device, provide that it is powered on “after hours”.
  • Restart Options — If one or more updates have downloaded, but not yet installed, you can manually set a time to restart and install the updates. If you know you need to use your device under your defined “active hours,” you can use this option to schedule the updates for a later point in time.  When you enable notifications, the device will tell you when it requires a restart and ask you how you want to handle it. It will allow you to restart immediately, pick a time, or “snooze” to temporarily defer the notification.
  • Pause Updates— In advanced options, you can manually configure Windows to temporarily pause updates. This option will pause updates from being installed for up to 35 days. This option does not pause critical security updates, but it will temporarily pause minor security updates and bug fixes. After 35 days, or whenever you disable the Pause Updates option, Windows will automatically enable, download, and install all new updates. These updates must be completed before you can pause updates again.
Are there other updates to consider on Tobii Dynavox devices?
In addition to Windows Updates, there are regular updates to Tobii Dynavox applications. These can be divided into two main
  • Store Apps — These are apps distributed through the Microsoft Store (e.g., Snap Core First, Discover Tobii Dynavox, Pathways). When an app update is published in the Store, Windows will automatically download and run the update when the app is not in use. While updating, these apps will be greyed out and temporarily unavailable for use.
  • Desktop Apps — These apps are distributed directly by Tobii Dynavox and updated through Update Notifier (e.g., Communicator 5, Compass, Windows Control). To search for updates, launch Update Notifier from the start screen, and follow the instructions to download and install the updates.
How do I make sure my device is fully updated and ready to go before we start using it?
When you first receive your device, we recommend that you set aside some time to prepare the device prior to introducing it to
the user or a first training session. The first time you power on the device, Windows will guide you through the process of configuring
some basic settings, connect to Wi-Fi, and then initiate the Tobii Dynavox setup guide that finalizes the setup process.
Once this initial setup is finished, we recommend that you leave the device plugged in and running with an active internet connection
for a few hours to allow the Windows and Store updates to run. You’re free to use the device during this time or leave
the device unattended to complete the updates on its own.