What do the buttons of the external speaker do?

juli 21, 2016

The external Boombot speaker of the Tobii M-Series has several buttons that can be used to control the speakers:


Power Switch

On top of the speaker is a power switch. To turn the speaker on, slide the power switch to the white hexagon to turn it on. Slide it to the black hexagon to turn it off.


Volume Control

On the back of the speaker are two buttons marked - and +. You can lower the volume by repeatingly pressing the - button and increase the volume by pressing the + button.


Center button*

When listening to music a single tap will pause your music and another single tap will continue to play your music.

When watching a video, a double tap will play the next video. A single tap will start a paused video. Please note that a single tap cannot pause a running video.



* the center button is verified to work with Windows Media Player, Windows 8 video player app and VLC.