What do the different colors mean on the power button on my I-Series.

juni 04, 2019

The colors and meanings of the power button on the I-Series and I-Series+ devices.

State Not Charging Charging
Working Green Light Blue Light
Sleep Green Blinking Light Blue Blinking Light
Hibernation OFF Blue Light
Off OFF Blue Light
Error or Warning State State and Condition Power Button Illumination Comment
Chassis near overheating In state Working, when the chassis temperature is less than or equal to 1 degree Celsius from the Maximum Hot Spot Threshold Purple Light Purple light as a warning to the user when the Device is close to the overheat threshold
Chassis overheated In state Off when the power button is pressed Purple Quick Blinking Light for 5 seconds The device will blink the LED and remain in the state Off.
Low Battery Level for Battery Packs In state Hibernation and Off when the power button is pressed and:
  1. No DC plug inserted (i.e. no charging possible) and
  2. Both battery packs are totally drained
Blue Quick Blinking Light for 5 seconds