Why does my eye control stop working after waking up my I-Series+?

maj 17, 2019

After waking an I-Series+ device from sleep, the eye control fails on wake up or soon thereafter.  Some I-Series+ devices were found to have been deployed with incorrect power plans.  To check what your power plan is please follow the steps below...

  1. Open Windows Settings
  2. Choose System
  3. Select Power & Sleep in the menu on the left
  4. Scroll down on the right and choose Additional power settings
If the plan starts with I-Series, then your power plan is correct and you need not do anything.  If the Selected Plan says Tobii Dynavox, your plan will need to be updated to the correct setting.  To update the plan, please follow these steps.
  1. Open File Explorer by selecting the folder icon on your Windows Task bar.  File Explorer Icon
  2. Choose This PC from the menu on the left
  3. From the menu on the right double-click on your C drive
  4. Double click on "Program Files (x86)"
  5. Double click on "Tobii Dynavox"
  6. Double click on "I-Series Power Plans"
  7. Double click on "InstallPowerPlans.cmd".  A black window may appear to open and close.
  8. Reboot then follow the four steps above to check and make sure the power plan has changed.  If it has not, try running through these 8 steps one more time.  If that still does not work, please contact technical support.