After running Windows Update, I can no longer send infrared signals from my C-12 or C-8.

juli 15, 2016

Article Type: Issue

Product: C-12 and C-8

One of Microsoft's optional updates changes the Tira driver from the factory preset "Tira USB IR adaptor" to "USB serial port". Consequently, the Tira, which sends the infrared signals, will stop working. Communicator will not be able to locate the Tira anymore if you search for it in the Infrared Settings.

The Windows update causing this issue is named "FTDI - Other hardware - USB serial port".

To solve this issue, you must reinstall the TIRA drivers.

The TIRA drivers can be found on the Support & Training section of our website at:

The file you need to download is under Drivers and Firmware.
To install the driver, extract the ZIP file into a new folder on your desktop, then run DPInst.exe. There is no installation wizard and you may just see your mouse arrow change for a moment, but it is installed.

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