Associating activities to Educational Standards

oktober 01, 2018

You can associate any Boardmaker activity in your My Activities list to your state education standards or to the Common Core. 
Associating standards to activities makes it easier for you and other Boardmaker Community members to find standards aligned activities and track student progress related to standards.
Note: In order to associate your state’s standards, you will have to choose your state in the My Settings menu.
Note: When you Upload activities to Boardmaker Online, you will be given the option to associate standards during the upload process.
Select the activity and standard type
  • Select My Boardmaker.
  • Find an activity to associate with a specific standard.
  • Click on the name or thumbnail picture of the activity.
  • Select the Manage Standards button.

  • Select the drop down menu arrow next to the question and answer, “What standards would you like to associate this file with?”
Choose a specific standard
  • Choose the specific standard that you wish to align to the activity.  You will have the option to search for standards by Grade and Subject Area.  Once you select those options, the standards will appear in the window.
 Manage Standards

Add the standard to your activity
  • Scroll down until you find the standard that you would like to align to the activity.
  • Select Add next to the desired standard or standards.
  • Select Save if you have completed selecting the appropriate standards. 
Training tip - Removing standards
To remove standards from an activity, you will need to locate the activity, select the Manage Standards button and then click on Remove in the Associated Standards box.
 Associated Standards

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