Can I Cut, Copy, or Paste Buttons in Compass?

juli 27, 2016

First navigate to the page on which you wish to cut, copy, or paste buttons.

1.  Select the Settings button on your Toolbar, kA1G00000009va2KAA_en_US_1_0 and choose Page Browser from the Settings menu.

2.  Select the Page you wish to edit and choose Editor.

3.  Select the button(s) you wish to cut, copy, or paste.

4.   Select Edit from the Editing Toolbar.


You now have the option to Delete, Duplicate, Cut, Copy, or Paste a button .


  • Delete - This will delete the selected button(s).
  • Duplicate- This will make a duplicate of the currently selected button(s).
  • Cut - This will cut the button from the page, but will also make a copy of the button if you wish to paste it again.
  • Copy - This will make a copy of the button to either be placed on the page again, or to be placed on another page.
  • Paste- This will paste any button that was copied using the Copytool.

Once you have finished making changes, select File from the Editing Toolbar, then Save, then select Exit to exit the Page Editor.