How can I completely hide the pointer on my TD Pilot?

maj 09, 2024

When you want to read articles or watch videos, TV shows, or movies on your TD Pilot, it may be helpful to enable Auto-HideAuto-Hide is different from the Idle Opacitysetting and the Automatically Hide Pointer setting because Auto-Hide can be dropped down to 0% (in other words, make the pointer complete invisible).  The catch; however, is that when the cursor is hidden, it is also disabled.  You need to hold your gaze on the same spot in order to bring the cursor back.


  1. Open the Settingsapp
  2. Select Accessibilityfrom the menu on the left
  3. Choose Touch, then AssistiveTouch from the menu on the right.
  4. Scroll down and select Devices Devices
  5. Choose Tobii Dynavox Pilot Tobii Dynavox Pilot
  6. Enable Auto-Hide.  Auto-Hide
  7. Two new settings should appear.  Auto-Hide Settings 
    1. One displays the amount of time the user will need to hold their gaze in order to make the pointer visible again.  Note 1:  This setting may be tricky, particularly for video-watching.  You need to find a time that is achievable for the user, but not one that the user will activate accidentally.  Note 2: The pointer remains visible only until the user moves their gaze.  Since the pointer will Auto-Hide again, you may want to set up an easy way (like Hot Corners) to toggle the Auto-Hide setting on and off.
    2. The second displays the percentage of the pointer's visibility.  If you want to hide the pointer completely, set this to 0%.  

Hot Corners

To set up a Hot Corner to toggle the Auto-Hide setting, please follow the next set of instructions.
  1. Open the Settingsapp
  2. Select Accessibilityfrom the menu on the left
  3. Choose Touch, then AssistiveTouchfrom the menu on the right
  4. Scroll down and select Hot Corners  Hot Corners
  5. Choose which corner you want to use for Toggling Auto-Hide Hot Corners Settings
  6. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, to the EYE-TRACKING section
  7. Choose Toggle Auto-Hide