how can I make a button that copies the message window into a button in Compass

augusti 23, 2017

 How to make a button on a page that can save the content of the message window directly to a button on the same page
  • The action is CopyToMode(type,prompt,overwirteActions)
  • First options are insert Message or Speak message,
  • second True or False if you want it to prompt you,
  • third is to overwrite True or False
  1. Access the settings menu and select the Editor
  2. Select a button that will be the "Copy to" button.
  3. edit the button and select the actions , you will see the script editor
  4. In the search field, search for copy. Select the CopyToMode(type,prompt,overwriteActions) action
  5. A popup will appear, choose either Insert Message or Speak message. Depending on which action you want your button to do.
  6. Next is a prompt for true or false, If you want it to prompt you or not
  7. Next is another true or false to overwrite the current content in the button.
  8. Edit the label of this button, label it Copy To
  9. Exit the editor and save your work.