How do I create a grid of objects in Boardmaker Studio?

maj 21, 2019

You can create a rectangular or circular grid of identical objects using the Spray Tool or Circular Spray Tool.

  1. Select the triangle beside Spray Tool in the toolbar.
  2. Select:
    • Spray Tool to create a rectangular grid
    • Circular Spray Tool for a circular grid
  3. Position the cursor over the object you would like to duplicate.
  4. Click and drag diagonally to create a grid of identical objects.
  5. Release the selection when the grid is the desired size.  Note: You can reposition the grid while the grid objects are still selected (they will have dotted outlines).
  6. Click and drag any selected object to reposition the entire grid.  Note: If you have assigned properties to the original object (symbol, style, actions, etc.), they will be copied to the other objects in the grid.