How Do I Program the 'Done' Button on the Video Models Page so it Goes to a Specific Page in Compass?

juli 27, 2016

When creating a new Video Models page, the page should be saved in one of two locations:

  • If linking the new page from the “Video Model Menu” page, the new page should be saved in: NavBar Pageset/Video Models
  • If linking the new page from the “Behavior Supports Menu” page of a specific topic, the new page should be saved in: NavBar Pageset/Topics/<topic name> ( ie. About Me)/Behavior Supports
To create and save a Video Model Page:
  1. Select the Settings button to open the Settings menu.
  2. Select Page Creator.
  3. Navigate to and select the Behavior Supports folder.
  4. Select Video Model.
  5. Select Create.
  6. In the Page Name dialog that opens, use the onscreen keyboard to enter a page name..
  7. Select Browse next to Location.
  8. Navigate (using the up arrow on the left hand side) to the appropriate folder (see above for locations).
  9. Once in the appropriate folder,  choose Select in the top right corner.
  10. Select Done on the Page Name dialog.
You are now on the Video Model Page and can edit that page accordingly.
If linking from any other page than the two listed above edit the second OpenPage action and choose the page to go back to once the done button is selected, here are the steps: 
  1. Select the edit button to open edit mode
  2. Select the “Done” button that is not working
  3. Select the modify button to open the properties menu
  4. Select the Edit button next to Actions
  5. Locate the second OpenPage action which is after the ELSE action
  6. Select “Behavior Supports Menu” in the parenthesis
  7. Select the page to open when the Done button is selected (i.e.  Behavior Supports Menu)
  8. Choose the Select button in the top right corner
  9. Select Done in the top right corner to close the Script Editor
  10. Select the Exit button
Select Yes to save changes