How do I Rename a Folder in Page Browser in Compass?

juli 27, 2016

1. Select the Settings button from the Toolbar.
kA1G0000000931oKAA_en_US_1_0 If the Toolbar is not open, select the Modify button in the top right corner of the screen kA1G0000000931oKAA_en_US_1_1, and, on the dialog that opens, select Settings.

3. Select Page Browser.

4. Use the arrow button at the upper left of the screen to navigate up through the layers of folders.


4, Select Manage at the top right of the screen (circled in the illustration above). A button bar will open.


5. Select the folder you wish to rename.

6.  Select the Rename button on the button bar.

7.  Enter a new name for the folder in the Folder Name dialog.

8.  Select OK in the Folder Name dialog.

9.  Select the green Done button at the top right corner of the screen.