How do I set a passcode for the Top Bar navigation buttons in TD Snap®?

februari 08, 2024

1. Select the Edit button
2. Select the System tab.
3. Select Passcode.
4. Set the Use Passcode toggle switch to On.
5. Enter a four-digit passcode that only you know and is not easy to guess.
6. Enter the passcode again to verify it.
7. When you enable Use Passcode, passcode is enabled for in-app purchases, Edit Mode, Sync, Data Tracking, Search Mode, Light bulb, and the Top Bar navigation buttons (Back, Home, and Dashboard) by default. Toggle the setting to Off for any of these features if you would like them to be accessible without a passcode. If Passcode is enabled and the Sync feature passcode is disabled, then Sync will operate in Pull-only mode. When you Sync in Pull-only Mode, you will receive Page Set changes (made on other devices) but will not send any Page Set changes made on the current device.
8. When you exit Edit mode, the passcode will be required to access in-app purchase and any of the features toggled on in the passcode preferences menu. If you already have passcode enabled, you can reset the passcode by selecting the Edit button. If you forget your passcode, use the master passcode (0520) to access Edit Mode and immediately reset your passcode