How to Add a New Student to ALL

oktober 02, 2017

Every student using the ALL software must have their own profile. This allows each student to have an individualized curriculum, settings, and progress tracking.

1. Select Add a New Student. The Add Student dialog will open.
2. Enter the first and last name of the student.
3. Select the calendar to set the student’s date of birth.
4. Choose the birth month and year, then the day. Press OK to save.
5. If desired, select the Edit button to use a custom picture for the student. Choose an image saved on your device or take a picture if your device has a built-in camera.
6. Press OK to save your new student.

After adding your new student, you will see the Student Mode home screen for that student (see section 4.1 Student Mode Home Screen). From this screen, you can start an ALL session or open the Library to read a book (see section 4.1.2 Library).