How to take a screen shot on a Windows-based Tobii Dynavox device for a custom keyguard.

maj 06, 2021

If you would like a custom key guard and were instructed from Tobii Dynavox Customer Service to take a screen shot, follow these steps.

Note: It will be much easier to use an external keyboard with a Print Screen (PrtSc) button connected to the device. A wired USB connected keyboard is the simplest way to go, however a Bluetooth connected keyboard will also work.

  1. Open the AAC (communication) software that is used.
  2. Open the desired page.
  3. Make sure the app or software is in full screen mode.
  4. Use the PrtScbutton on the external keyboard connected to the device. Please Note: it will look like nothing happened but it has been pasted into your computer's clipboard.
  5. Navigate to the Windows desktop.
  6. In the search bar type Paint.
  7. In the tool bar area, select Paste- this will put the screen shot into Paint.
  8. From the Filepull down menu, select Save.
  9. Enter a name for the file and note where it is saved.
  10. Send the saved file as an email attachment as directed by Tobii Dynavox.
Other options for taking a screen shot can be found here: