If I have right click disabled in Communicator 5, can I get into Advanced Settings another way?

maj 10, 2017

There are three ways that you can get into Advanced Settings if right-click is disabled.

The first way is to add Advanced Settings to the desktop.  Before disabling right-click perform the following steps:
1.  Open the Quick Menu
2.  Select Edit Home Page
3.  Choose Add Page Sets
4.  Choose Text Communication
5.  Select the second page (click the down arrow on the screen) and choose Settings
6.  Select Advanced Settings
7.  Choose Add to Home Page
Alternatively you may link to the Advanced Settings pageset from within another pageset.

The second way is to plug in an external keyboard and select Ctrl M to open the Quick Menu.  From there you can select Advanced Settings. Ctrl M works with the onscreen keyboard in Windows, as well.

The third way will only work if using an I-12+ or I-15+ device.  When in Communicator select the third button that has three dots on it located on the left side of the device.  This opens the Quick Menu.  From there you can select Advanced Settings.