NavBar Pageset - Editing Message Vocabulary

juli 27, 2016

!!!!!! This is for pageset version 2.2.0 and previous. In versions 2.2.1 and above the vocabulary database (settings> vocabulary) is no longer being used for Topic Messages. Changes made to topic message in the Vocabulary database will NOT be reflected on topic pages. Search for Navbar 2.2.1 and above editing topic messages for instructions on adding messages in those versions of pagesets.

Each of the pages in your  NavBar Pageset comes with a preset configuration of communicative intents on each page. 

This organizational structure enables the user to quickly find items while providing a well-rounded set of communication utterances.  These utterances can be quickly used independently or in conjunction with other utterances on the page.


  • Column 1:  Questions
  • Column 2: General statements
  • Column 3: Positive statements
  • Column 4:Negative statements
 kA1G00000008u6nKAA_en_US_1_1Moving vocabulary messages within the communication set will break this structure, unless you keep them in the same column.

 kA1G00000008u6nKAA_en_US_1_2  There is no way to undo deleted or edited items.  Consider all modifications carefully before confirming them.

1.  Select the topic from the NavBar.


2. Select the Settings button from the Toolbar.  kA1G00000008u6nKAA_en_US_1_4

kA1G00000008u6nKAA_en_US_1_5If the Toolbar is disabled, select the Modify button at the top right corner of the screen kA1G00000008u6nKAA_en_US_1_6, and, from the dialog that opens, select Settings.

3. Select Page Browser.

4. Select the page you're editing and select Editor.

5.  Select the tab name that corresponds to the message (hotspot) whose message you wish to edit. (Example: To edit messages for the Gameplay hotspot, select the Gameplay tab.)


Once the tab is selected, (it will be yellow when active) select the vocabulary grid box within that tab.


7. Select the Properties button.


8. Select Edit Vocabulary.


9. The Edit Vocabulary menu will display, and you will have access to the message vocabulary.  Select a message to edit.

Ordering Vocabulary

1. If you wish to move or delete items, select the Managebutton in the upper right corner of the screen.


If you want to move a vocabulary message, select it so that it has a blue check mark, then select the blue Order button in the menu area at the top of the screen.


Use the First, Last,and arrow buttons to move the selected vocabulary message around.


Select the green Done button after reordering vocabulary messages.
4. You can add new items by selecting the New Item buttonin the menu area at the top of the screen


You can also select Editto modify any of the placeholder (blank) messages to add your own content.


6.  If you have completed your edits you can select Save, then all edits will be applied to the page.

7.  Select Done when you are finished editing the vocabulary messages for the selected subtopic.