Prolonging the T-Series Battery Life

juli 27, 2016

• Do use the battery. It is good to allow the device to run on the battery until the first low battery warning, which will happen
at about 14% remaining battery charge. When you hear the low battery warning, plug in the device and allow it to
charge to 100%. You can continue working with the device or shut it down while it is charging.
• Do let the device charge until the battery power indicator light turns blue. Complete discharge to full charge cycles keep
the device running the longest possible time on battery power.
• Don’t run the device continually on the charger. If you use a mobile power supply with your device, then you should unplug
the power supply from the device every few days and allow the battery to exercise.
• Don’t store the device for prolonged periods of time without use/recharge. If you must store the device, the battery
should be fully charged and the device powered off (not in sleep mode). We recommend never storing the device for
more than 3 months. After 3 months of storage the battery will need to be completely cycled and charged until the battery
indicator light turns blue.
• Don’t try to replace the battery yourself. The battery is internal and is not intended for service or replacement by the user
or anyone other than a Tobii Dynavox technician.