Tagging an activity with educational standards

oktober 01, 2018

You can "tag" (associate) an activity with one or more educational standards from your list of state or Common Core standards.                                                                                                                                                               

From your activities list (My Boardmaker > My Activities tab):

  1. Select the title or thumbnail of the activity to which you want to associate standards. The activity detail will open. 
    In the ocean
  2. Select the Manage Standards button on the activity detail. (circled in the above illustration). 
    The Manage Standards dialog will open. 
    Manage Standards
  3. Select a set of standards from the drop-down list. The Manage Standards dialog will expand to allow you to select a grade level and subject area. 
    Manage Standards
  4. Select a grade level (instructional level) and subject area. (See the illustration above.)
  5. Select Save. 
    A list of standards that meet the criteria you have chosen will load. 
    Manage Standards
  6. Scroll down the list of standards and select Add for each standard you want to associate with the activity.
  7. Select Save.