Groups on Boardmaker Online Community

oktober 01, 2018

Groups are smaller communities within the Boardmaker Community that have been created for special interests, populations, or colleagues.  
Why?: Groups can help you to organize and focus your search for activities. 


Search for Groups that share the same interests as you.
  • From the Home page, select the Community Tab, then select Browse Groups.
Boardmaker Online navigation bar. Community, Browse groups
  • Scroll through the list of available Groups, or search using a key word in the Search Groups box.  You might search by interest area (e.g., behavior), condition (e.g., autism), or even a specific school district.


Collaborate with other educators, therapists and parents. 
  • After you find a Group that looks interesting, select it to view the description, activities shared, and number of Group members.
  • If the Group appeals to you, select the Join the Group button.
Group Details
  • The Group will now appear in your My Groups page (Community Pull-down Menu).


 Start a Group for your school, school district, or special interest!
  • From the Home page, select the Community Tab.
  • Select Create a Group.
  • Give your Group a name, a description, and profile picture (optional).
  • For a Public Group, select Keep the Group Public.
  • If you want the Group to be available to others by invitation only, select Keep the Group Private.

Hint: For a Private Group, you will also make selections under Permissions. You will likely want to allow all members to share activities, but retain inviting privileges for yourself.

Hint: If you are a part of a district account, you will have an option to create groups that will only be visible to your district.
  • Select Create Group.
  • The Group will now appear in your My Groups page (Community Pull-down Menu).

Note: A Public Group may be accessed by any Achieve Community member.  A Private Group can be accessed only by Achieve Community members who have been invited by the Group’s creator.


Invite Community Members to Your Private Group.
Colleagues must first be a member of the Boardmaker Community (or have a Boardmaker Online subscription) in order for you to invite them to your Private Group.  Go to My Groups, and select the Group to which you would like to invite people.  On the Group Details page, select Invite Member.


Add Activities to a Group.
You will want to add activities to your Group for sharing. Find activities you would like to add to your Group and then select the Add to Group button. 
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