How to set up the Swifty USB switch interface and an Indi device with TD Snap

september 05, 2017

Note: Some images may not be representative of the current software as the software has changed and improved through the years.

The Swifty™  USB switch interface can be used with the Indi device andTD Snap to use a switch for scanning selection method.

This example is setting up 1 switch auto scanning. To setup 2 switch step scanning there is an additional adapter needed. 

Items needed:

  1. A Micro - B USB 3.0 to USB adapter cable that is included in the box with the Indi device
  2. A Swifty™ USB switch interface
  3. A standard single switch

If you have an "on the go adapter", you can use it on the right side of the device and utilize the micro usb port.

The switch settings on the Switch interface will need to be set up first. Use the Keyboard inputs. You can use the Enter, Space, Tab or 1,2,3 options with TD Snap

User-added image
The Swifty™ USB Interface Switch Interface has four white DIP switches on the side opposite its name. If necessary, use one end of a paper clip to adjust the DIP switches.
In this example The last option is used, 1,2, 3. Set the Dip switch 1 and 2 to the OFF position.
  1. Attach the USB 3.0 Micro to Standard USB adapter cable to the indi device in the left side.
  2. Attach the Swifty™
  3. Attach the switch to the 3.5-mm (1/8 - inch) Stereo Jack

Change the settings inTD Snap to match the settings select above.

  1. Access the Edit Icon in the upper Right Corner. User-added image
  2. Select User in the bar across the bottom. User-added image
  3. Select Access Method in the pane on the left. If it is not already set to scanning, set it to scanning in the pane on the right.User-added image
  4. Select the Access Method again so you can see the scanning optionsUser-added image
  5. Select the Scan type
  6. Select the Switch Options Switch input 1User-added image
  7. Set the keyboard key that you set the Swifty™ interface to previously, in this example 1
You are all setup. Exit the Settings by selecting the Done option in the top right corner. The page will be scanning. select the switch when the highlight is over the desired button.